How to build dubbox and deploy to nexus server

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Go to download the source code.

Check the local maven settings.xml file , look out the <Servers> tag items. More details, please refer to Maven Setting Reference
<!-- Server example -->
Edit the top pom.xml of source code or maven setting file settings.xml, Add the <distributionManagement> setting.

<!-- The id value is the server tag id value of settings.xml-->
        <name>dubbo-2.8.4 releases</name>

Find all pom.xml and setting maven.deploy.skip as false . that means <skip_maven_deploy>false</skip_maven_deploy>
# For Mac OS
find ~/project/dubbox-dubbox-2.8.4 -type f -name 'pom.xml'  -exec sed -i '' 's/<skip_maven_deploy>true<\/skip_maven_deploy>/<skip_maven_deploy>false<\/skip_maven_deploy>/g' {} \;

# For Linux 
find ~/project/dubbox-dubbox-2.8.4 -type f -name 'pom.xml'  -exec sed -i  's/<skip_maven_deploy>true<\/skip_maven_deploy>/<skip_maven_deploy>false<\/skip_maven_deploy>/g' {} \;
compile and deploy dubbox to nexus sever:
mvn clean deploy -Dmaven.test.skip=true
When mvn command is successful, you will find the directory tree like this on nexus:
Dubbox application packages and libs on nexus.png